Master of Science in Higher Education in Student Affairs 

Florida State University | May 2015

Spring 2015

  • EDH5630: Capstone in Higher Education, Dr. Kathy Guthrie
  • EDH5931: Sociology of Higher Education, Dr. Peter Easton
  • EDH5944: Internship, Dr. Brandon Bowden (Sisters of the Academy Intern)

Fall 2014

  • SDS5624: American College Student, Dr. Amelia, Parnell 
  • EDH5042: Student Success in College, Dr. Shouping Hu
  • EDH5944: Internship, Dr. Brandon Bowden (Teaching Assistant - Leadership in Groups and Communities)

Summer 2014

  • SDS5804: Practicum in Student Personnel Work, Dr. Kathy Guthrie

Spring 2014

  • EDH5045: Student Development Theories, Dr. Amelia Parnell
  • EDH5046: Diversity in Higher Education, Dr. Tamara Bertrand Jones
  • EDH5048: Outcomes of Higher Education, Dr. Tamara Bertrand Jones

Fall 2013

  • SDS5040: Student Personnel Work in Higher Education, Dr. Mary Coburn
  • EDH5051: Higher Education in America, Dr. Robert Schwartz
  • EDF5481: Methods of Educational Research, Dr. Bradley Cox